“Stephen pays extraordinary attention to detail and has an unusual ability to remember pretty much every detail without writing it down. He has a very good intuition as to where you are trying to go to, even if you can’t express it in words. Once he sees the property or the plans, he is able to translate his detail so his work fits in with the architecture and general feel of the property. The two properties I have done are of enormous proportions and he just understands the language of the architecture and is able to make his plan go with it.

“There is very little fluff round the edges. You go through the remit of the project and then don’t hear from him and he’ll ring up and say he’s halfway through. He pays attention to timing and detail. If he is given a date he will stick to it, and I have never found any problem with communication, he has always been incredibly fast to get back to me.

“I did two houses back to back (against my better judgement, that’s just how it worked out) and I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen because he is such a perfectionist – it’s a bit like the AA, he’s there within 50 minutes. He is an absolute perfectionist – there is not a single detail that I could say didn’t work. He understands the need for the nth degree of craftsmanship and artistic interpretation of the remit.

“He keeps very up to date with all his appliances and their availability, and is very quick to recommend the best. You feel you are in very safe hands for the complete job. It’s that combination of having 100% timing and his perfectionism in terms of end product, his willingness to listen to the remit and his ability to understand it very quickly. He gets a grasp very quickly of what you are trying to explain to him.

“I don’t think Stephen has ever said ‘can’t’. If I were ever go on to do another project I would almost get him in from before I designed the walls and design it from the inside out.

“It’s that combination of artistic craftsmanship with how people want to have their houses and lives now. Stephen persuaded us to get rid of an old metal filing cabinet. I have had no complaints from my husband who absolutely dug his heels in when we suggested it the first time. Now I don’t have to live with this monstrous piece of kit. It wasn’t the easiest run, Stephen took measurements but it didn’t fit because he’d put a rail between the drawers. It was incredibly clever to make the change so quickly, it was perfect and he didn’t have to start again, as I’d thought.

“Stephen has always delivered and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him. He has done kitchens, wardrobes, study, bookshelves and unfitted furniture – he can pretty much turn his hand to anything if it’s made of wood. In terms of his work, Stephen is excellent – the standard is incredibly high. ”

Francheska Pattinson, Winchester


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