“I think there are really two areas that make me select Stephen. His actual workmanship – the nuts and bolts – is superb, and the fitting’s beautifully done. His attention to detail is a given.

“Stephen really goes that extra mile to get everything exactly as I want. We meet, I give him a big wish list and he sends me plans. I’m pretty good at reading them and then we go through it together. If there’s something we can’t find a way of doing, he keeps on until we get there. Stephen does everything you want. He made me lovely shelves for my cookery books and they look like they’re floating. They are so attractive. I would never have been able to buy them.

“It’s not just that Stephen builds things beautifully, which he does. He also keeps up to date with what’s available. There are appliances that are quite technical – you need to know exactly what clearances are needed. He goes off and does all his own research. He came up with a cooker hood for me that I didn’t know was available. I really couldn’t speak more highly of him.

“Stephen is so innovative. He finds a way round any problem and he has Keith Brickwood who helps him with the fitting. They never make any mess. He did lots for me at the other house – kitchen, pool room, bedrooms. I would always recommend him and I have to quite a lot of people.

“He is very good on his timing. When I wanted this kitchen done – and it’s quite big – I said ‘look, you can either do it by this day, or we will wait until after Christmas’ because I had people coming. And he said ‘it will be done’. It’s always on time and the thing is, he is realistic – if he says it takes a month, that’s what it takes. And if there is a problem he deals with it. Once he has gone, it doesn’t mean he’s gone. I am very, very pleased with him in every way.”

Sue Carter, Steventon


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