“It’s been 20 years since I first worked with Stephen. He is an all-round professional craftsman and I would not consider working with anybody else. I understand how he ticks, and he understands how I tick and how my clients tick.

“Stephen offers everything from survey and design, to supply and installing. Sometimes it’s very much easier to get him to do the whole thing. He has a good vision of what you want. If you are floundering he will come up with ideas and suggestions. He also keeps abreast of what’s in and not in and puts his own take on it, brilliant. Everybody’s happy.

“Stephen never compromises on quality and he takes his job very, very seriously in terms of attention to detail and working through any problems he might foresee in the build. Even on the smallest job he is so attentive. He is a professional; he has to get it right.

“The one thing that is so wonderful about Stephen is that he is so punctual with his installations, even if he has to work all night.

“The last big job was a complete house refurbishment in Farnham. We started off with Stephen just doing the kitchen and ended up just adding to and adding to because the Client could see the quality of his work. People can’t tell from drawings, they need to see it in front of them. Stephen ended up doing everything in the house; fitted wardrobes, bathroom, he even made a bespoke dining table and a bespoke Art Deco piece for a bedroom. People automatically assume that bespoke is expensive, but if they realised what good value Stephen’s work really is, they’d be quids in.

“I introduced Stephen to his wife, Wendy Berryman. We are just about to start on very big project in the New Forest, the complete refurbishment of a second home – he has a lot of work to do and Wendy will be doing the curtains. They work so well as a team – they understand each other and the way they work.

“Stephen is so many things; quality of workmanship and value for money, attention to detail, works through any problems, punctual with installations. I have never, ever had to wait. He has just started work on cabinetry for my own house – I would not even contemplate going anywhere else. He is such a perfectionist and his work is 110%.

“I always tell my clients that they will never regret a Stephen Thorne kitchen, and they don’t.”

Sarah Saud, Designer, Isle of Wight


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